Hi, I’m Marina

Working over 100 hours weekly at my former accounting firm was wearing on me, and I wasn’t happy. When I gave in my two weeks’ notice, it felt like a relief. My time away from work allowed me to realize something was missing from my life: my passion that I previously didn’t have enough time to indulge in. 

So, I began to bake more during my free time. As  I did, the fire I have for baking kept growing. I started to revise a few family recipes like our signature Carrot Obsession and Peachy Peach Jar. Aside from the family recipes we already had, my mom and I spent countless hours and sleepless nights in the kitchen crafting new ones. We tested batches to ensure we got just the right flavor combinations that everyone would love. All jokes aside, I gained 10 pounds from the amount of jars I tasted, but wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. Our 4oz jar is designed to help you indulge in moderation, but our Sweet Jars are just so delicious that one just isn’t enough! The more I baked and the more jars I produced, I realized that while we have our special recipes, what really sets our company apart from others is our secret ingredient: love. We put a lot of thought, care, and, most importantly, love into every ounce of these Sweet Jars. 

This enthusiasm and love for the jar never ends. Every time I bake a Sweet Jar, I’m taken down memory lane to moments of trial and error, moments of growth, and moments of joy. It is my goal to provide my customers with the ability to form lifelong memories… one jar at a time.