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Want to know how I know I’ve found my passion?

I remember the first time I made Sweet Jars and brought it to my friends. They expressed pure delight and happiness after the first bite. I live for those moments of bliss and delight. I knew right there and then what my passion was – to help people create moments of happiness one jar a time.

About us

Marina and the cake jars
Hi, I’m Marina!

Working over 100 hours weekly at my former accounting firm was wearing on me, and I wasn’t happy. When I gave in my two weeks’ notice, it felt like a relief. My time away from work allowed me to realize something was missing from my life: my passion that I previously didn’t have enough time for.

So, I began to bake more during my free time. As I did, the fire I have for baking kept growing. I started to revise a few family recipes such as our signature Dolce de Leite and Passion Fruit. Aside from the family recipes we already had, my mom and I spent countless hours and sleepless nights in the kitchen crafting new ones. We tested batches to ensure we got just the right flavor combinations that everyone would love. All jokes aside, I gained 10 pounds from the amount of jars I tasted, but wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. Our 4oz jar is designed to help you indulge in moderation, but our Sweet Jars are just so delicious that one just isn’t enough! The more I baked and the more jars I produced, I realized that while we have our special recipes, what really sets our company apart from others is our secret ingredient: love. We put a lot of thought, care, and, most importantly, love into every ounce of these Sweet Jars.

This enthusiasm and love for the jar never ends. Every time I bake a Sweet Jar, I’m taken down memory lane to moments of trial and error, moments of growth, and moments of joy. It is my goal to provide my customers with the ability to form lifelong memories… one jar at a time.

Top Flavors

 jar of gingerbread cake surrounded by flowers
 jar of gingerbread cake surrounded by flowers
 jar of gingerbread cake surrounded by flowers
 jar of gingerbread cake
 jar of gingerbread cake
 jar of gingerbread cake

Happy Customers


Have you ever had a chocolate that satisfies your craving and does not have you looking for a cup of cold water afterward? Well, this is the power and beauty of Sweet Jars by Marina. It’s made with so much love and just the perfect amount of sugar. I love the variety and flexibility because I can either have the sweet jar cold or warm it up. It has become my new favorite. It’s the absolute best in town!



I am obsessed with Sweet Jars! As a loyal customer since the grand opening, I always recommend these delicious treats to my loved ones. There are so many amazing flavors, Double Chocolate and Doce De Leite being my favorites. Marina is a professional not only in baking but also with packaging. There is a lot of love put into her boxes to grant her costumers an outstanding experience.



I loved the surprise treats that my wife bought for me. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I thoroughly enjoyed the different and unique flavors. The packaging is beautiful  and the jars are reusable.  I think my favorite one was the carrot cake but its hard to pick because they were all so good!


 jar of gingerbread cake

Let us Jar-up your party!

Having an event and need a sweet, delectable, and memorable desert? Sweet Jars is New Jersey-based and caters a variety of events from weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more. Any get-together will be a memorable one with Sweet Jars for everyone. So, get custom jars for your next event.


How big are Sweet Jars by Marina?

They’re 4oz.

How many Sweet Jars should I order?

If this is the only dessert, people usually eat 1-2 jars.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

All orders are final, so make sure everything looks correct at checkout and you should be good to go!

Are Sweet Jars by Marina nut-free?
Will Sweet Jars by Marina arrive fresh?
Does Sweet Jars by Marina make larger sized Jars?

Nope, we specialize in smaller jars so that our customers can try more than one flavor and still maintain portion control.

Does Sweet Jars by Marina bake gluten-free or sugar-free products?

We have gluten free Jars! We offer sugar-free by request for large quantities – send us an email and we can get the jar baking!

What type of payment does Sweet Jars by Marina accept?

We accept credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Will pricing information be included with my gift order?

Nope! We do not include receipts or invoices with orders placed online or over the phone. Because nobody wants a gift with a price tag on it. But you will get a confirmation email.

How can I use my Promo Code?

You can input your promo code by going to your cart and clicking on Apply Discount Code or clicking Apply Discount Code during the checkout.

How should I store Sweet Jars by Marina?

In the fridge! They stay fresh for up to 7 days with the exception of the strawberry chocolate Jar. Since it contains strawberry it only stays fresh in the fridge for 3 days.

Can I travel with my order?

Absolutely! Our packs are great travelers. If you choose to bring an ice pack, we recommend wrapping them up in plastic as there will be some condensation.

Is my arrival date guaranteed?

What if my Shipping Order doesn’t arrive on the date I chose? Because we use FedEx as a third party shipping method, we are not able to guarantee arrival dates and times, but we try really, really hard to make sure it gets to you on time. If you’re planning for special occasions, we recommend choosing an arrival date 1-2 days early (so for weekend events, we recommend arrival on Thursday) so you can be worry-free! And your Jars will stay fresh in-transit for up to 3 days and in the fridge for up to 7 days.

Get a Sweet Jars

Not sure where to start? Feeling like a kid in a candy shop with all our offers? Start with one of our signature jars! Try a Doce de Leite, Cookies & Cream or Passion Fruit Jar. These perfect treats are available in 4oz sizes and can be shipped nationwide.

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We’d love to hear from you. Send us your questions and tell us about your event (please include date & time of event as well as the quantity of jars). We will be in touch shortly so we can start to JAR up your event.

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